Warranty Policy: 

Good News! All Bull Bay Rods are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Thank you for purchasing a Bull Bay Tackle Company Fishing Rod! Your business is very important to us, in order to service you please refer to the following for details on our warranty & process.

Bull Bay Tackle Co. will warranty the purchased rod from all manufacturer/workmanship defects found present in the rod, including components. No product registration or receipt is necessary. Your rod serves as its own proof of purchase.

What our warranty DOES cover:

Any issues with components, such as grips, reel seats, or guides that occurred through normal use.

Defective rod blanks – if you believe your rod has a defective blank, our staff will inspect your rod once received and determine if a defect is indeed present.

(*Please note – defective blanks will typically break one of the first times it is used. If your rod was broken on first use, we may require a proof of purchase date. If a rod breaks after it has been used several times, it is highly unlikely to be defective.)

Our warranty does NOT cover any rods under the following conditions:

Modified, neglected, improperly maintained, abused, or customer fault non fishing related incidents. It also does not cover cosmetic issues.

To begin warranty process:

All warranties can be handled locally, in person, at our Lakeland production facility. Otherwise:

1.) Please provide a note detailing the issue with your rod, along with your name, return address, contact number, as well as email address. Please enclose a $20.00 check for return freight along with the entire fishing rod in a tube or box. (This covers all shipping to continental United States locations)

2.) As stated, if the rod is a manufacturer workmanship/defect issue, the rod will be covered under the full extent of the warranty and repaired or replaced within 30 days.

3.) In the event that a rod is not repairable there will be a flat $40.00 rod replacement fee in which your rod will be replaced with a brand new one of the same model. If your rod is a discontinued model, it will be replaced with an updated model that is as close to the original as possible.

Please ship all warranties to:

Bull Bay Tackle Co. 530 West Brannen Road Lakeland Florida 33813

*If payment for return shipping or a replacement fee is not included with the warranty, the customer will be contacted to obtain payment over the phone via credit card.

**Bull Bay Tackle Co. reserves the right to refuse replacement through warranty or the replacement fee if a rod is found to have been modified, neglected, improperly maintained, or abused.

Alternatively, you can use the contact form below for warranty questions, concerns, or for us to contact you directly for a warranty claim.