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Fishing Rods

Shop our wide selection of top notch production style rods that cover all types of fishing from inshore saltwater, freshwater, nearshore and offshore.

Custom Rods

Always wanted to design your own rod from scratch? Look no further! You can take our standard production rods and add custom touches to them, build your own dream rod, add decoration style wraps and much more! 


Shop our latest gear available! 

Reels & Line

Our friends at Florida Fishing Products make one heck of a reel! Grab yourself an Osprey reel for all types of salt & freshwater fishing applications to pair with one of our rods for a difference you can feel!

Clenzoil Marine & Tackle

Clenzoil marine & tackle is a one stop shop cleaner, lubricant, and protectant, Clenzoil is a perfect tool for cleaning and maintaining all of your marine and fishing products! We wipe down all the rods with one layer of Clenzoil prior to shipment to help ensure you get top notch protection prior to your own use. 

Blanks & Components

Want to build your own rod using high quality blanks and components? Look no further! From our Hybrid & Carbonite blanks, custom reel seats, and unique grips you can build yourself the rod of your dreams!