Infantry Rod


The new Infantry rod from Bull Bay Rods figures to be one of the best bang-for-your-buck rods available! Featuring super sensitive graphite and carbon fiber blanks reinforced for extra power, ultra dense EVA and rubberized grips for durability and grip, perfectly sized 16 reel seat with gunsmoke matt finished hoods for a light weight handle, and longer butt length for getting that extra leverage!

  • High density EVA foam w/Rubberized cork rings
  • SS316 marine grade stainless steel tangle free guides
  • Custom DPS style reel seat
  • Longer length butt to provide extra leverage
  • Carbon Fiber & Graphite custom blended Bull Bay Tackle Blanks
  • Custom rounded snagless hook keeper 
  • Tapered front grip and butt grip
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The Infantry rod is the first line of defense against the fish! Efficiently designed for comfort, durability, power, and sensitivity with the price in mind. When we set out to bring the Infantry rod to market, we wanted to do something really unique in comparison to our other rod models as well as what was available on the market. The key to bringing a lower price point rod out for us was not simple using less quality components because in turn that leads to more warranty issues. Instead we extensively worked through a ton of different grip options, reel seats, guides, and blank constructions to achieve something we had not thought possible. Our custom designed EVA and rubberized cork composite grips bring together the light weight properties of EVA foam and the tough/durable properties of rubberized cork effortlessly. Designed to fit our custom made DPS style reel seat flush so your finger is never toughing a jagged edge, these grips are comfortable. Featuring our standard black plated marine grade stainless steel (SS316) tangle free guides you won’t need to sacrifice your casting ability with this rod. But where this rod truly shines is in its unique blank construction. Utilizing a blend of our high quality 32 ton carbon fiber and graphite materials as well as a reenforcing blend of 26 ton carbon, this gives the Infantry rod extra power and durability making this particular model a unique feel in comparison to other rods in similar ratings. The last main feature of the Infantry is the butt length. We received tons of feedback and inquiries about a slightly longer handle rod line. You asked, we built! Featuring a 10.5” butt (from bottom of reel seat) this rod stands alone in the Bull Bay line up letting anglers get a little more leverage on fish and a different feel than our other models. Take the fight to the fish with the Infantry rod!

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