Lakeland-Based Tackle Company Tackles Hurricane Relief Efforts

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Lakeland-Based Tackle Company Tackles Dorian Relief Efforts

Lakeland, Fla. (Sept. 19 2019) — Bull Bay Tackle Company owner Dustin Phillips watched with the rest of the world the heart-wrenching footage coming from the Bahamas as Dorian crawled across the tiny island nation and lurked off the coast of Florida. He recalls just how helpless he felt as he watched the suffering and devastation occurring so very close to Florida.

“It was horrifying. The people of the Bahamas, they’re our neighbors. They’re so close and we could have very easily been in their position. The difference is that as an island nation, there aren’t many places for them to go to escape a storm,” He said, “Watching the footage of a mother crying and begging for prayers on tv with my wife really shook me.”

So, he and his wife immediately took action. As the owner of a fishing rod company, Phillips got to work creating a Relief for the Bahamas campaign. He set up raffle tickets and designed a customized fishing rod fashioned after the Bahamian flag available for purchase. 

Tyler Stenger, a custom rod designer employed by Bull Bay, created an intricate Bahamas rod himself to raffle off to one lucky winner.

Between raffle tickets and rod sales, the business collected more than $2,100. 100 percent of proceeds were given directly to the Bahamas Red Cross to help bring aid to survivors and resources to rebuild.

“We really just wanted to help out our neighbors in the Bahamas however we could,” Dustin says of the initiative, “we saw an opportunity to put some good back out into the world, and I think we all need to make that effort now more than ever. Business owners have a responsibility to use their success and influence to help others and make the world a better place for the future, no matter the size.”

Image: Rod build by Tyler Stenger

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