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Reel Animals TV & Radio

Bull Bay Tackle Co. has partnered with Captain Michael Anderson of the Reel Animals Fishing Show to build a new lightweight, powerful, yet sensitive line of fishing rods for any angler. Each Reel Animals Series rod has been designed and tested in a multitude of tough environments and a lot of big fish! Get yours now and become a "Reel Animal". See the Reel Animal website for more information regarding schedule and events:

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Bull Bay is a proud sponsor of the CCA Florida & the CCA STAR tournament. Each year the CCA STAR tournament features hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes ranging from boats, trucks, and of course a few Bull Bay Rods! The STAR tournament supports a full scale youth division as well, awarding scholarships to kids each year to help the ensure the future of our youth is heading in the right direction!

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Florida Pro Redfish Series

Bull Bay has sponsored the Florida Pro Redfish series for three consecutive years going into 2017 and we are excited to continue our partnership with an incredible tournament series. Join the fun with regions spanning from East Coast, West Coast, and the new Emerald Coast division! 

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